"Quality Bespoke Hair Design & Home Care Solutions Making Everyday A Great Hair Day"

Welcome to Haus Of Brooks, the premier destination in Bexhill, East Sussex, for organic and natural, bespoke hair design where the client is at the centre of our world, sit back and relax in an environment that is set out and managed to ensure the very best in client comfort with minimum impact on the environment. 

Haus Of Brooks is the product of creative collaboration between  International Artistic Director Jody Brooks  and his team of professional and passionate hair designers.  The salon is born out of  Jody's passion and understanding of how a great hairdressing experience and hair style leaves clients walking taller and feeling fantastic he believes that every client should feel like celebrity when they leave the salon.  Furthermore he believes they should feel like this everyday a truly great hairdresser works with the client to ensure that they can manage and recreate the style everyday.  This belief underpins every element of the philosophy of Jody & his team.

"Hairdressing As It Should Be" 


Sustainable Hair Design at Haus Of Brooks goes beyond the sustainability  of the the hair design for the client and their lifestyle, but also tackles the bigger issues of sustainability of resources and the impact on the planet.  Haus Of Brooks is committed to reducing the impact we have on our planet, from using power from 100% renewable supplies to using disposable towels made from a biodegradable bi product of wool manufacturing and so much more you can read further about his commitment in the Haus Of Brooks Sustainability Charter.

If your looking for a salon where your visit is viewed as a design collaboration between you and your stylist in a salon that takes as much care of the planet as it does its clients then Haus Of Brooks is for you ultimately this is hairdressing as it should be.